Porfy no nagai tabi episode 03 patch

Here it is! Instructions are fairly simple:
1. Download the zip file
2. Unzip contents into folder containing [SeikiS]_Porfy_no_nagai_tabi_03_[61DC1621].mkv
3. Execute Run_patch03v2.bat (not the xdelta3.exe file)
4. Give permission to delete files after it's finished

The patch should clean after itself, leaving only your new, patched version behind. It's also supposed to work on both Windows and Linux, even though I haven't had the chance to test it in a Linux environment.

All yours!

MATV patch direct download:

Note: Following your good advice, I will be leaving the old torrent until the first decent batch release (which may also include a v2 for more episodes).

Upcoming patches for Porfy?

Heh, a person can learn some really cool stuff with this fansubbing business. I am now officially capable of creating .bat files! *preens*

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I was able to create a patch file for the wrong english title of episode 03. I was also just about ready to put it up, but I wanted to make sure there weren't any more mistakes I'd missed. So, if anyone noticed something wrong, please let me know. If nothing new comes up, the patch will become available tomorrow. Still not sure what I should do with the torrent though... Do you think it would be wise to release a new torrent as well?

Your feedback will be appreciated. ^_^

Tiny (....) mistake in english title of ep 03?

*bangs head on the wall repeatedly*

Soooo, it was just pointed out to me that I'd left the episode title from episode 01 (Letter from father) in the english set of subtitles of episode 03 instead of the correct one (Welcoming father). My shiny new release is flaaaaawwweeeed... *wails*

So, please assume I'm a dunce and go on watching the episode ignoring that little tidbit... while I keep on dreaming of fixing patches...


Hmmm, think there might be a guide for one of those somewhere around the internet? *evil grin*

Release: Porfy no nagai tabi 03

Καλή απόλαυση! Enjoy!

Episode: 03/52
Container: mkv
Video codec: H.264
Resolution: 1280x720
Overall bitrate: 900 Kbps
Framerate: 24 fps
Audio codec: Nero AAC
Audio: Japanese
Karaoke: Hardsubbed ASS (Aegisub)
Subtitles: English (default) and Greek, softsubbed ASS

Additional thanks go to Ace for his help with QC. Welcome on board! ^_^

Download torrent:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 03(v1)

MATV direct download:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 03(v1)


DDL and IRC distro? Thank you .aNiMe//GR!

Hello everyone! I'm only popping in despite the Workload From HellTM to say a quick hi and let you in some very good news... Thanks to Dante80 and Loke from the great team of .aNiMe//GR, there is now both a DDL and IRC downloading option available. I have to say I am very grateful to them, since they took the initiative to offer these options when I could hardly hope for them. So, enjoy everyone!

DDL links:
Porfy no nagai tabi 01
Porfy no nagai tabi 02

IRC bot:
Ginpachi-Sensei @ anime.gr
/msg Ginpachi-Sensei xdcc list

On working alone

While my compy is still getting its pretty little circuits fried from the latest encoding session (closing on 19 hours total for episode 03 now :P), I wanted to mention a few things regarding the fact that I work alone.

For those of you that don't know them, AnimeClipse is perhaps one of the best (if not the best) greek fansubbing groups. One of the first that were formed in any case, as far as my poor understanding goes. So, apparently there has been a discussion in their forum lately regarding one of the latest trends: the so called one-man-fansub groups. Heh, or one-woman-fansub groups in my case.

The same discussion has been floating around in various other anime discussion forums too lately. But I was very intrigued by some of the arguments put forth by the guys at AC. And they seemed to have given this matter some serious thought. Does the group discourage new members from joining? Is there something wrong with the way they work? Do they appear so distant that new people would rather do all the work on their own than try to join them?

I think the fact that these people have thought on it so seriously does them credit. It is obvious that they honestly care about where their group is headed and what they represent as the leading greek fansubbing group. However, I must admit that my own answer is far more simple.

It never really crossed my mind. Also, I'm not so certain I was planning on things to turn out this way. :P

It all started back when I first found out about Porfy no nagai tabi from a random anime site and went "Whoa! An anime series about my country. Cool!". I went looking for a decent sub in anidb, but there was nothing there.

Half a year passed and one day I remembered all about that greek anime series. Surprise, surprise, still no subs. So I thought, what the heck, I'll download the raw episodes and watch them in japanese (watching anime with english subtitles is still less tiresome for me, since I don't have to concentrate on the dialogues at all). But no raws were around either.

A couple months later, I tried out Perfect Dark, a popular japanese P2P. While thinking of stuff to look up and download (including various novels in japanese as practice for my kanji reading skills), I sort of remembered Porfy no nagai tabi.

And then there were raws, as they say.

Long story short, I watched the first episodes and realized that the language was simple enough that I could translate it too if I so wished. And with the experience of looking everywhere for these episodes but being unable to find them still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd see what it's like to sub something. I had lots of fun reading about the secrets of encoding, filters and Aegisub. I took notes on how other groups worked and began to appreciate the work that went into those exquisite releases that I took for granted before. I fooled around, made at least 5 different versions of the first episode and laughed at my results most of the time. I learnt what B-frames and reference frames are. One particular evening, I panicked that some super-secret copyright law enforcing task force might barge into my house and arrest me, so I sat down and read on the legalities of the fansubbing community (much to my relief, Porfy is completely unlicensed, heh). I tried to show some of my first creations to my sister who called me a cartoon watching lunatic for the millionth time (while she was trying to convince me to use more make up, in which case I called her a silly bimbo for the billionth time, don't you just love siblings? ^_^). I picked up a couple of useful words and expressions for my 2級 studying. I then enjoyed fooling around with Photoshop and making this little blog. Took the chance to study HTML tags and a bit of CSS syntax, just coz they're all nice and shiny and they caught my eye along the way. I finished tranlsating the first episodes in not one but two languages and felt extremely proud of myself.

In other words, I had the time of my life.

So, to be honest, I never really stopped what I was doing to think "Hey, I should join a group if I want to do this seriously". Hehe, becoming a professional subber was never really my intention anyway. I do this because it's fun and interesting and, holy cow, people really did enjoy watching the stuff I made while having a good time, so why not? It's like, things sort of happened. Nothing was planned or anything.

So, my plans right now include to keep on having fun with this. For example, researching the new filters that will probably end up in episode 3 was a fun ride down the road of the encoding domain. Heh, my respect for the people of the trade certainly went up (have you seen some of those scripts? like, the really good ones, that include tweakings in the min and max thresholds and weird multiplying variants and sub-statements that make your eyes cross but can perform miracles on a video?). And probably try to keep up by translating as many episodes as possible.

Now, as far as working in a group goes, I want you to know that I'd be the last person to claim I can handle things just fine on my own. Working in a group would certainly produce better results and sort of ensure that the project would continue to live on even after I got bored/tired/quit. However, a small part in the back of my mind feels that joining a 'serious' group might turn this into work. Like, either having to incorporate myself into a larger working unit or being given a working group to administrate. Waaaaaay too much like my morning job, thank you. I need something more unconventional, no strings attached sort of thing to help me relax in my free time, you know?

Anyway, I hope I made a few points. I would like to reassure the guys at AC that their work is awesome and they don't just happen to be one of the leading greek fansubbing groups for their good looks (although I'm certain you have those too :P). Finally, my thanks go to Nadir, both for his constructive comments on what I could improve and for his attempt to bridge the discussion in the AC forum with the unknowing instigator, yours truly, here.

ΥΓ: Προς τα παιδιά της AnimeClipse, συγγνώμη κιόλας που τριγυρνώ ανώνυμα (under-cover! :P) στο φόρουμ σας, αλλά μου τράβηξε την προσοχή και το ενδιαφέρον η σχετική συζήτηση. Θα ένιωθα όμως και κάπως άβολα να κάνω register μόνο και μόνο για να πετάξω τη μούρη μου μέσα σε ένα και μόνο τόπικ, γι αυτό και περιορίζομαι στο blog μου όπου και ανήκω. Επίσης, σόρρυ που γράφω και στα αγγλικά, αλλά μου το έχουν σχολιάσει και άλλα παιδιά (μη Έλληνες) και είπα να τα γράψω μία κι έξω. Πάντως από εμένα, έχετε κάθε σεβασμό και τις πιο αγνές προθέσεις. ^_^

Episode 03 would have been here already...

... except that my computer gave up on me the last 2 times I tried the new encoding script (brand new-not any of the ones I already showed you before ^_^). Which is much better by the way (thanks should be addressed to np for his(her?) comments on color balance and Nadir from www.animeclipse.com for pointing out the macroblocking in the darker areas). I have yet to watch the actual new encoded video to make certain, but I think I have removed a good deal of chroma machroblocks and banding that were ignored in the previous versions. Plus, the added shiny new and much improved sharpening filter that replaced my old one.

Now, let's just hope that my sulking old compy can handle it, coz I'm too lazy to reinstall Avisynth, MEGUI, the codecs and all my filter plugins in my laptop. Still, I was bored waiting for the actual encoding to finish so I thought I'd give you a heads up. ^_^

Scratch that....

...I still don't feel too happy with the encoding result. Hmmm, I'll continue translating for now and get back to you on that one later. Feel free to put in your own 0.02$ though. ;)

And the winner is...

Yep, we have a new script. *feels proud of herself* Now back to translation...

New encoding?

I've been messing around with the filters all day yesterday, because honestly, the more I see the first 2 eps the more I keep feeling that the video quality is nowhere near up to par. Good news is, a day and a half later more than 360 people downloaded the first episode (*squeal*). Bad news is only 250 did so with episode 2, which means that some 100 people gave up after watching the first one. So come on, Hestia honey, we have work to do. *insert random anime scene of girl rolling up her sleeves to get to work*

Soo, here's a sample of the new filtering. Old encode first, new encode second (click on the pictures for a better view):

I think you can tell the difference already. Now, I just have to fool around with the sharpening filter a bit more, to get rid of the small artifacts around the character lines, and we're set!

However, if you see these and you like the old 'feel' better, speak now or forever hold your peace... *mwahahaha* No, seriously though, I keep getting these doubts that I'm ruining the series' aura or whatever. Hmmmm...

Release notes

Soooo, there you go. Everything's out. I truly hope you enjoy them, since a lot of time went into this. Just a couple more things to say and then I'm off to hybernate for the rest of week.

1. Yep, the AniRena tracker does report a wrong number of seeders/leechers.
So don't let those numbers scare you, dowload to your heart's content.I was this close to linking to nyaatorrents instead of AniRena, but there are so many advertisements floating around in there that it bugs me off.

2. Does anyone know how to register files in anidb?
I managed to register the group, but anytime I try to register the two new eps, I get error messages left, right and center. *shrug*

3. Please seed the torrents
I'm sort of on my own doing distro here, so any help will be appreciated.

4. Episode 3 on the way?
Well, it's sort of frying my laptop's circuits by being encoded as I write, but it will probably take a good while... Real life woes and all that, I'm sure you have plenty of your own, so no need to make your ears fall off with mine.

Bleh, that's it for now.

First release: Porfy no nagai tabi 01 & 02

Όπως σας είχα υποσχεθεί! Here as promised!

Porfy no nagai tabi: eps 01 and 02

Episodes: 01 & 02/52
Container: mkv
Video codec: H.264
Resolution: 1280x720
Overall bitrate: 900 Kbps
Framerate: 24 fps
Audio codec: Nero AAC
Audio: Japanese
Karaoke: Hardsubbed ASS (Aegisub)
Subtitles: English (default) and Greek, softsubbed ASS

Download torrents:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 01
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 02

MATV direct download:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 01
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 02


Almost ready...

So, after a weekend-long subbing marathon, episode 01 is also ready. Now I just have to watch it once or thrice in full screen to make sure I didn't miss any mistakes, that the timings don't seem off, and other stuff like that. There was a very lousy piece of TS involved, but that wasn't my fault...

Sooo, it sucks, but I'm too lazy right now to spend more time on something so trivial. It also meant that I had to keep the akward greek text as basis for what Porphy was saying, even though the actual Japanese wording was much smoother. And Peggy's spelling is a bit off... *shrug*

In other news, I tried uploading a test version of ep 02 on the trackers yesterday... It turns out that there's a well known bug with AniRena's tracker and it sometimes shows 0 seeders and 0 leechers even though there are plenty of peers. As far as I could tell, the tracker sometimes falls out of synch with the data collecting site pages. AniRena suggests deleting the torrent and re-uploading a new one... I wanted to fix one tiny little final mistake I had forgotten too, so I guess I might as well try and delete that first torrent. But if it happens again in the future, I will probably switch to using the nyaatorrents page as an indication of the torrents' status. Damn, and I liked the cleaner feel of AniRena's group listing. *sigh*

OK, so bottomline is a)wait for the first official release in a few hours, b)don't download the existing Seiki Subs torrent and c)if you see 0 seeders and 0 leechers in AniRena, just ignore it.

Jaa, atto de ne!

Man, I'm on fire!

Heh, I'm good. Or at least getting better. I managed to finish the timing, greek translation and fine timing for Porfy ep 1 in a single day. *self-satisfied smirk* Now all I really have to do is copy-paste the time codes and write the english translations. Man, this sort of thing took me an entire week for ep 2. Then again, the first episode did seem kinda easier to sub. More pauses and scenery takes, stuff like that.

Sooooooo, if it all works out alright and if AniRena registers Seiki Subs soon enough, we could be talking about this group's opening release in, like, a day from now? *keeps fingers crossed*

Porfy's episode 2 is finally finished

Yatta! Episode 2 from Porfy no nagai tabi is finally finished, muxing and everything. Let me just say that fine-timing is a pain in the ass. But, I suppose I should wait until episode 1 is ready too and release the two of them together. Given that I've only translated about 4 minutes in, it might take a bit more time though...

And by the way, a small greek text in Mina's book was completely wrong. Here's a zoomed in screenshot:In greek, it reads something like:
"Apollo, the god of sun
He is the god of medic
scince an musi
as wll as protcto o
potry, mathematcs
and propheci."

Heh, you guys are lucky I pretty much knew what to expect to see written here.

First project revealed: Porfy no nagai tabi

Plot Summary: Based on the French novel, Les Orphelins de Simitra (The Orphans of Simitra) by Paul-Jacques Bonzon. The story is of a Greek boy, Porphyras and his sister Mina, who have been orphaned after a devastating earthquake. Rather than staying in a foster home, they decide to travel across all of Europe, and thus their adventures begin.

To be honest, this whole fansubbing business started out because of this series. As you might have expected, its special value stems from the fact that it takes place in Greece and is filled with incredibly realistic scenery takes. When I first watched it, I felt like I was being transported back to my grandparents' place from a couple of decades ago. But, unfortunately, no other group seemed to be taking it up, so here we are.

Naturally, being the contrary person that I am, I began translating the second episode first. Heh, I like being weird like that. But that merely means that in a couple of weeks time, both eps 1 and 2 will be in your hands.

So, au revoir for now...

Welcome to the newly formed Seiki Subs / Καλωσήρθατε στη νεοσύστατη Seiki Subs

Seiki (青気) stands both for Blue Air (after the blue sky in Greece) and Youthful Spirit. By extension, the name Seiki Subs will from now on belong to a bilingual fansubbing group that will translate heretofore ignored anime series from the original Japanese audio into both English and Greek. This group currently consists of one member only, the so called Hestia, but hopefully more will follow.

Η λέξη Seiki (青気) μπορεί να μεταφραστεί τόσο ώς Γαλάζιος Αέρας (αναφορά στο γαλάζιο ελληνικό ουρανό), όσο και Νεανικό Πνεύμα. Κατ' επέκταση, το όνομα Seiki Subs θα ανήκει από εδώ και στο εξής σε ένα δίγλωσσο fansubbing group που θα μεταφράζει αγνοημένες μέχρι τώρα σειρές anime απευθείας από τους Ιαπωνικούς διαλόγους σε Αγγλικά και Ελληνικά. Το group αυτό αποτελείται από ένα μέλος μόνο προς το παρόν, την αυτοαποκαλούμενη Hestia, αλλά με λίγη καλή τύχη αργότερα θα προστεθούν και άλλοι.