Episode 03 would have been here already...

... except that my computer gave up on me the last 2 times I tried the new encoding script (brand new-not any of the ones I already showed you before ^_^). Which is much better by the way (thanks should be addressed to np for his(her?) comments on color balance and Nadir from www.animeclipse.com for pointing out the macroblocking in the darker areas). I have yet to watch the actual new encoded video to make certain, but I think I have removed a good deal of chroma machroblocks and banding that were ignored in the previous versions. Plus, the added shiny new and much improved sharpening filter that replaced my old one.

Now, let's just hope that my sulking old compy can handle it, coz I'm too lazy to reinstall Avisynth, MEGUI, the codecs and all my filter plugins in my laptop. Still, I was bored waiting for the actual encoding to finish so I thought I'd give you a heads up. ^_^


  1. thanks for your efforts! thank god someone got attention of the beauty of World Masterpiece Theater and started working on it~

    by the way, don't you think the size is little for 720p release? maybe you should increase the bit rate a little bit..

    I don't think working alone is a good idea...
    it maybe of your interest to recruit some people to work with you, and you may try your luck with the the forums of animesuki.com and fansubbers.org

    supporting you from the shadows, Arcas

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate them more than anything. About the size, when I first started experimenting on different encodes, I made a 1200 bpm and a 900 bpm one. However, I just gave them similar names and promptly forgot which was which. Can you believe that the next day I couldn't tell them apart? So, I'm not a specialist or anything, but I don't think there's going to be too much of an improvement by increasing the bitrate and/or size. Filters are another matter entirely... ^_^

    And about working alone, I know and I understand. However, I'm not a serious subber. This is more of a hobby and a way to practice my japanese. If anyone would like to join, I'd love the extra help but it still wouldn't be a pro fansubbing group. There are so many great ones out there already, both for english and greek releases.

    Heh, and I already know about the animesuki forums. I learnt half of waht I now know about encoding, karaoke etc by lurking around in there. :D There are some very cool people there and it's a great place for information. I would even have joined if I weren't so bad with participating in forums, hehe.

    So thanks for the support, Arcas. ^_^ If you think of any more comments, please feel free to drop by and throw them this way, since they're practically my best hope for improving right now.