Mina's song

In the upcoming episode 04, there's a certain part where Mina sings a strange little song. And I'm all baffled about it. It really doesn't sound Japanese, but hell if it sounds Greek either. There might have been something about the Sun and Athena in there somewhere, but other than that it all sounds like gibberish to me. I thought maybe it's actually Latin instead of Greek or ancient Greek, but then again where on Earth would an eleven-year-old Greek girl be taught a latin song is anybody's guess.

To make a long story short, I'm somewhat at a loss here. Would you rather I attempt an approximated translation even though it will probably be wrong and not really sound like what Mina is singing? Or should I just go ahead and leave it untranslated?

For those of you willing to take a chance at guessing, I cut the audio from Mina's song here. If any of you have been taught latin and feel like hearing it out, I'd be obliged. Όσοι πάλι μιλάτε ελληνικά και έχετε όρεξη να προσπαθήσετε να μαντέψετε τι λέει, και πάλι θα σας ήμουν υπόχρεη. Αν μη τι άλλο, έχει πλάκα να νομίζεις ότι ακούς να μιλάνε τη γλώσσα σου και να μην καταλαβαίνεις τίποτα, χεχε.


  1. I'd say just go ahead and leave it untranslated.

    And thanks so much for subbing this series! :)

  2. If it's just random babble, you don't really have much of a choice. You can't make lyrics up, can you? :)

  3. Any chance the sound's comming from the original novel "Les Orphelins de Simitra" but sounds like hell as usual when it comes to japanese guys ?
    If you wait a few hours I can rush into a library to see by myself.

  4. @Mouse
    Heheh, I've almost given up on it too. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't just me. ^_^

    I don't know if you're the same person in both comments, but would you mind checking it out if you can? I'm pretty fluent in French as well, but I haven't been able to track down the book here. It would really be a great help, especially since I don't think it's just random babble. ^_^

  5. prepei na nai arxaia ellinika me erasmiani profora... oloi sto exwteriko etsi ta milane...



    koinws, to ita proferetai ws makry epsilon ktl... exou kai to Helios, helios

    kai quote apo edw: http://psgels.blogsome.com/category/finished-series/porfy-no-nagai-tabi/page/5/

    "She even starts singing in Greek at one point. I must say that her voice-actress does a decent job. It definitely beats Les Miserables’ attempts at speaking French. :P"

  6. @Hestia
    Today was a holyday in France, I'm going back tomorrow. If the book is available, I'm going to buy it but if it's not, it's gonna take a few days to order/receive.
    I Will keep you posted.

  7. Back from Toshokan... So it seems that the book is so old that it's no longer available...
    I guess the only way to get it now is Amazon :
    I have order mine, it's supposed to be send in two days.

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  9. She definitely sings "ο διαττων άστηρ"" (traversing star).

    maybe she pronounces also "esponai" from "έπω" (becoming)

    the last word may be a derivative of the verb ιάομαι (heal)

    I can discern one derivative of "διαχέω" (spread)

    The rest I have difficulties guessing even one word.

    Better write in the translation that this is an Ancient Ode to Apollo, the God of Light.

  10. Untranslated would work, sounds like one of those mixed songs kinda like in Ghost in the Shell.

  11. @Anonymous (8:24 PM)Το σκέφτηκα κι αυτό, αλλά για παράδειγμα στον πρώτο στίχο λέει:
    «Χε ο ήλιος χεριος, μουπιουλός»
    Οπότε, έλεγα να το κάνω «Καίει ο ήλιος, αέρινος (;;;), …», αλλά το μουπιουλός δεν ταιριάζει σε κάτι, ανεξαρτήτως προφοράς…..
    Πάντως τα links που άφησες ήταν όντως πολύ χρήσιμα, και σ’ ευχαριστώ! ^_^

    @Anonymous (12:44 & 11:13(?) AM)Ça veut dire que tu es français(e)? Cette série devrait t’intéresser aussi que moi, alors, car l’auteur lui-même était français et plusieurs épisodes auront lieu en France. Et je te remercie beaucoup pour avoir cherché le livre, mais il n’y avait pas besoin de l’ acheter. ^_^ Si tu pourrais le trouver à une libraire ou quelque chose comme ça, ça serait parfait, mais celui-ci n’est qu’un anime, alors il n’y a pas de raison pour donner de l’argent. I really do appreciate it though and I hope you enjoy it for its own merits regardless. ^_^

    Petran79*bows in reverence* Thank you! I now sort of feel bad for not paying more attention at ancient greek at high-school… Most of those suggestions do sound about right, to the point that I got tempted to attempt to translate it all over again. Eeeh, didn't get much further than your suggestions this time either. ^_^ So, I'm more likely to stick with the Ode to Apollo or the Sun, hehe.

  12. @Hestia : ouais, je suis français.
    L'anime m'intéresse effectivement à titre perso mais j'ai été stupéfait de constater que le livre n'était plus disponible...
    D'autant que la librairie ne m'avait jamais laissé tomber.
    M'enfin, passons, c'est déjà acheté et ça ne m'a pas couté bien cher (8 euros)

    BTW : From Amazon
    Vous avez choisi de faire envoyer votre commande par envoi Standard. La
    date de livraison prévue à votre adresse pour cette méthode est de 1 à 6
    jours ouvrés après expédition. La date de livraison réelle de l'article ou
    des articles de votre commande dépend des modalités d'expédition de
    XXX et de la date à laquelle l'article ou les articles sont prêts à
    être envoyés.

    Voilà, jte tiens au courant.

  13. Thanks for subbing this GREAT series!!!!

  14. @AnonymousLol, moi, j'étais aussi stupéfait que je ne pouvais le trouvais même a Wiki. Mais, c' est assez vieux, n'est-ce pas? Ben, si tu l' as déjà acheté, il n' y aura pas de problème si j'attends jusque que tu le reçois pour faire la release de l'episode prochain, ouais? :P

    MarkYou're welcome, hopefully many more episodes will be on the way. ^_^