Porfy no nagai tabi

Project status: Ongoing (05/52)
01. Letter From Father -> DOWNLOAD VIA torrent or DDL or IRC
02. A Friend Came to Visit -> DOWNLOAD VIA torrent or DDL or IRC
03. Welcoming Father -> DOWNLOAD VIA torrent(v1)+patchtov2 or DDL(v2) or IRC(v2)
04. Mina's Birthday -> DOWNLOAD VIA torrent or DDL or IRC
05. Our Station -> DOWNLOAD VIA torrent or DDL or IRC
06. The Girl From Italy -> QC
07. Porfy's Desire -> Encoding

Details sheet
Container: mkv
Video codec: H.264
Resolution: 1280x720
Overall bitrate: 900 Kbps
Framerate: 24 fps
Audio codec: Nero AAC
Audio: Japanese
Karaoke: Hardsubbed ASS (Aegisub)
Subtitles: English (default) and Greek, softsubbed ASS


  1. Wow, I can't tell you how HAPPY I am that you are subbing Porfy no nagai tabi in english. I just found out a few minutes ago..this really made my day! I hope you plan to sub the entire series! You're like the only one who is doing this.

    T_T <--desperate

  2. Just watched the first episode. Great start. Thanks for subbing! Keep'em coming!

  3. Thanks for subbing. Keep up the great work.

  4. oh my gosh, thank you so much for subbing this!

  5. You guys are amazing. Ευχαριστώ πολύ.

  6. teach me fuking japanese and I will help you in subbing this! you guys are so pro in doing this work. thank you, sincerly

  7. Great job, guys!!!