Porfy no nagai tabi episode 03 patch

Here it is! Instructions are fairly simple:
1. Download the zip file
2. Unzip contents into folder containing [SeikiS]_Porfy_no_nagai_tabi_03_[61DC1621].mkv
3. Execute Run_patch03v2.bat (not the xdelta3.exe file)
4. Give permission to delete files after it's finished

The patch should clean after itself, leaving only your new, patched version behind. It's also supposed to work on both Windows and Linux, even though I haven't had the chance to test it in a Linux environment.

All yours!

MATV patch direct download:

Note: Following your good advice, I will be leaving the old torrent until the first decent batch release (which may also include a v2 for more episodes).


  1. Thank you for your hard work. You've done an excellent job. Do you think you could post the new .ass subtitle file? I don't seem to be able to execute the .bat on Mac OSX. But I know how to mux in a new subtitle file. Or if you think I should just re-DDL the episode, I guess that's fine too. Anyway, good work with the fansubs.

  2. @tispanther. Well there are other ways to do it if you do not want to wait.
    1) Somebody near you must have a Windows PC :P.
    2) Use Vware Fusion to install Windows Vista, XP or 7 in your Mac OSX.


  3. You're doing an awesome job! Keep it up!

  4. @tispanther
    Well, this is probably a bit too late, but if you're still interested, mail me at seikisubs at gmail.com... Other than that, I shamelessly admit I have no idea about the distant world of Mac computers. I'm a Windows girl through and through. ^_^

    Thanks, hope you enjoy any future episodes as well. ^_^