Release: Porfy no nagai tabi 03

Καλή απόλαυση! Enjoy!

Episode: 03/52
Container: mkv
Video codec: H.264
Resolution: 1280x720
Overall bitrate: 900 Kbps
Framerate: 24 fps
Audio codec: Nero AAC
Audio: Japanese
Karaoke: Hardsubbed ASS (Aegisub)
Subtitles: English (default) and Greek, softsubbed ASS

Additional thanks go to Ace for his help with QC. Welcome on board! ^_^

Download torrent:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 03(v1)

MATV direct download:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 03(v1)



  1. Thank you for all the hard work on another Porfy episode. I really appreciate it.

  2. You're welcome, please enjoy and hopefully I'll see you again when the next release comes round. ^_^