Release: Porfy no Nagai Tabi 04

Episode 4 is (finally) here...

Episode: 04/52
Container: mkv
Video codec: H.264
Resolution: 1280x720
Overall bitrate: 900 Kbps
Framerate: 24 fps
Audio codec: Nero AAC
Audio: Japanese
Karaoke: Hardsubbed ASS (Aegisub)
Subtitles: English (default) and Greek, softsubbed ASS

Once again, Ace handled the editing, but this time you have Alexiel to thank as well for his extra help with QC.

Download torrent:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 04

MATV direct download:
[SeikiS] Porfy no nagai tabi 04



  1. You guys are awesome! Finally this show can get some of the attention it deserves, keep up the good work. :)

  2. Thank you for bringing us another wonderful episode of Porfy!

  3. Thanks *waits for ddl*

  4. Thanks a lot ! I've been waiting for someone to sub this show since last year T_T and finally you did it! Thanks again ^^

  5. @psgelsThanks! I really loved your blog too. I also took extra care to identify "Mina's tree" in this episode... It's actually an oleander, or what we call pikrodafni, a very common plant here in Greece. This was sort of dedicated to you, hehe.

    @YabukiJoeHey Joe, you're welcome, hope you'll enjoy it. ^_^

    @Anonymous, 9:48 PMDDL links is up, as well as the irc option, thanks to the ever-awesome Loke and's pet bot, Ginpachi-sensei, hehe. Download to your heart's content. :P

    @Anonymous, 3:11 AMYeah, let's hope when more episodes get finished this series will attract a bit more attention. I was just as surprised as everyone else that it hadn't gotten subbed before now. But other than that, I hope you enjoy our (slow) releases.

  6. Yay for another immaculate release...keep em coming, we leechers salute you...^^

  7. Μπράβο είσαι η μόνη που δουλεύει για να μεταφράσει στα αγγλικά αυτό το anime μέσα σε ολόκρηρο τον κόσμο.

  8. Thanks again for all your hard work!!

  9. Great work on the series, I'm really loving this with each episode ^^

  10. Ωραίο επεισόδιο και προσεγμένη μετάφραση επίσης.
    Και ναι, είναι δυνατόν η Μίνα να τραγουδά στα Αρχαία Ελληνικά, μιας και εκείνη την εποχή τα μάθαιναν στα σχολεία ήδη από το Δημοτικό και με το ζόρι.

    Very nice episode and also very good translation. If you wonder how a young girl can sing in Ancient Greek, during that time in Greece children were taught that language (often with force) already from elementary school.

    Nice to add that too.

  11. Thank you VERY much for subbing this great series !!

  12. Hey Dante! Hope you enjoyed it! :Ρ

    @Raiden Ναι, η αλήθεια είναι ότι γι' αυτό το ξεκίνησα κι εγώ, γιατί δεν το είχε πιάσει κανένας άλλος. Απλά ελπίζω να καταφέρουμε να το προχωρήσουμε αρκετά. ^^

    @lanella You're welcome, enjoy!

    @Machi Hehe, and the best has yet to come...

    @Petran79 Ναι, το μόνο που με στενοχωρεί είναι που τελικά δεν μπορέσαμε να βγάλουμε άκρη με τη μετάφραση. Ευχαριστώ όμως που ενδιαφέρθηκες και ασχολήθηκες! ^_^

    Yeah, the only thing that bothered me was that we couldn't pull through with a translation for the song... But hey, I'm grateful that you took an interest to it and came up with some pretty good observations! ^_^

    *And a bilingual comment, yay! You're my kind of person, lol.

    @Mark You're welcome, hope I'll see you guys again when the time for the next release rolls around. :D

  13. did you guys drop the show ? it's been monthes since the last release -___-"

  14. Many, many thank you's for your hard work on this underappreciated gem! Please keep it up <3

  15. I have watched the whole series without subtitles as soon as it was released, but I have to thank you guys anyway.
    Why? Even though it's late, this series just deserved to be subbed! And I'm glad that some group has picked it! =D

  16. will there be more subs for this show?