Porfy has not been dropped

*peers inside*

Hello everyone. It really has been quite some time now, but I'm kinda relieved to be finally back. I hope people didn't get too bumped up over the long absence of any Porfy releases. To be honest, I was in no mood to sub for a while there. But let me explain myself first.

This whole thing started right back in spring, when my (almost) brand new 2-year-old laptop broke down. Sizzled its circuits... Blacked out its pixels... You get the idea. The problem was, it was petty enough to take all of my data along with it.

Now, those of you who happen to work with any kind of data processing, can certainly imagine what a nightmare that is. I suddenly lost all of the stuff I was translating for my part-time job, the results from several research projects for my morning job, pages upon pages of written reports, data tables, heaps of reference material... The Porfy scripts and some other as of yet unannounced projects were also in there somewhere, and that was just another detail that seriously got to my nerves.

I then proceeded to spend half the summer undoing the damage that had been done. I was scavenging flash drives and random CDs trying to salvage any of my lost files. I ended up having to rewrite several reports and summaries and educational material. And then I just threw everything away and went on vacation, hehe.

Long story short, I was only able to start thinking about Porfy without feeling bitter a couple of weeks ago. I actually had to track down my password for logging into my account before I could post here, it'd been so long. I even had to re-download my own torrents. Now, I don't have a proper computer yet, just a rusty old thing that can hardly handle Aegisub. But I discovered that I had finished encoding episode 5 before the break-down and stashed it in a mini-drive. So, now that things have gone back to normal, I've been feeling like getting back to my old routine and started fooling around with subbing Porfy again. To be honest, I wouldn't expect miracles yet. Aegisub can't handle video on my current computer, so I work with sound alone. But I still have the DVDs with the raw files, and I found one of my old encoding scripts with MeGUI's encoding options and I should be getting my hands on a new laptop soon... I'm saving up money particularly for that reason.

Bottom line is, I know the wait has been long, but don't give up on Porfy just yet. With a little bit of luck, there should be more releases here again soon.

See ya all...


  1. I'm sorry to hear that the last few months have been rough :( hopefully you can get through this and life can get back to normal for you soon!

  2. Κρίμα για όλα τα χαμένα δεδομένα... την έχω πάθει κι εγώ κάπως έτσι με έναν εξωτερικό σκληρό δίσκο στον οποίον είχα μέσα δικές μου δουλειές... ξέρω πόσο πονάει. :/

    Χαίρομαι όμως που δεν τα παρατάς. Καλή δύναμη. ^^

  3. ^_^ Στη δουλειά δεν με πίστευαν καν όταν τους έλεγα ότι είχα χάσει τα δεδομένα μου, γιατί νόμιζαν ότι το έκανα για να ξεφύγω από κάποιες προθεσμίες... που σημαίνει ότι πολλά πράγματα ξενύχτησα και τα ξαναέγραψα από την αρχή... *ρίγος* Ευχαριστώ πάντως, όντως όσοι την έχουν πάθει καταλαβαίνουν τι πόνος είναι. :Ρ