DDL links are here!

See? I've been a veritable busy bee lately. Since some people have been commenting how our torrents tend to die out at times, I looked around for a way to reinstate our DDL options. Luckily, I was able to come across an exceptional site that allows fansub groups precisely that option for free! Maiku Ando, the MATV site owner and manager, was extremely helpful in setting up the whole thing, so without any further ado, here are the DDL links for episodes we have released so far:

Porfy no nagai tabi 05 MATV DDL - Pending...

Note that the MATV site works based on a group's torrents, so you'll still need to download the v2 patch for Episode 03 separately. Hopefully, we can get that replaced at a batch release in the near future.

On an aside note, does anyone know what's wrong with the AniRena site and tracker? There's been no news yet, so I'd like to know if this might be more permanent. I've been checking out other trackers but many of them need registration and have ratio restrictions, both of which I find a major turn down. But is this keeps up, I'm seriously thinking of turning to any general public tracker as back up for Nyaa.

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