Odered chapters ahoy!

Hello everyone. This is a preemptive post to inform you that all of our releases from now on will include simple and ordered chapters. So here are a few words on how to use them on a computer.

How to skip to the next chapter (in Media Classic Player):
Press Page Down.

How to select a chapter:
Right click on the Haali Media Splitter icon in your taskbar.
 In the menu that appears, select the chapter you want under the section Chapters.

How to select an episode edition:
Each episode will come in 2 editions. With extras will be the default edition and will include everything from the original release, such as OP, ED and preview. Episode only on the other hand will only contain the main episode, automatically skipping past intros, title themes, etc. You will be able to switch between editions by selecting the one you want under the section Editions.

I hope you'll enjoy the new additions. See ya!

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