Almost ready...

So, after a weekend-long subbing marathon, episode 01 is also ready. Now I just have to watch it once or thrice in full screen to make sure I didn't miss any mistakes, that the timings don't seem off, and other stuff like that. There was a very lousy piece of TS involved, but that wasn't my fault...

Sooo, it sucks, but I'm too lazy right now to spend more time on something so trivial. It also meant that I had to keep the akward greek text as basis for what Porphy was saying, even though the actual Japanese wording was much smoother. And Peggy's spelling is a bit off... *shrug*

In other news, I tried uploading a test version of ep 02 on the trackers yesterday... It turns out that there's a well known bug with AniRena's tracker and it sometimes shows 0 seeders and 0 leechers even though there are plenty of peers. As far as I could tell, the tracker sometimes falls out of synch with the data collecting site pages. AniRena suggests deleting the torrent and re-uploading a new one... I wanted to fix one tiny little final mistake I had forgotten too, so I guess I might as well try and delete that first torrent. But if it happens again in the future, I will probably switch to using the nyaatorrents page as an indication of the torrents' status. Damn, and I liked the cleaner feel of AniRena's group listing. *sigh*

OK, so bottomline is a)wait for the first official release in a few hours, b)don't download the existing Seiki Subs torrent and c)if you see 0 seeders and 0 leechers in AniRena, just ignore it.

Jaa, atto de ne!

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